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[06 Aug 2007|12:08am]
I almost wish I was doing something, but then I'm like..nahh
I wanna watch the number 23 already
stupid hotfuzz.
I hate stupid shit like that.
in other news.
I like this boy dominic a real real lot.
that's kinda weird.
and I got waaaaaaaay too drunk on friday.
I really wish I hadn't kissed marco now.
so yeah
that was a bad decision dogg. for real.
things....just weird i think.
idk now i feel all weird around the boys, not that i've hung out with them in a couple days butttttttttt fuck.
i hate that.
at least i didn't get busted this time.
fuck yeah.
i'm hungrayyyy
livejournal lives again
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[15 Oct 2006|05:45pm]
i like how livejournal kinda died.
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[14 Sep 2006|11:10am]
i had a good cry today.
because i think i woke up upset.
and i really actually don't know why
for once.
and i drove to dre's house and cried.
and then i got here
and she made me a grilled cheese sandwich
and i cried some more.
and we talked about things
and i cried some more
and now i think i'm good.
for now
we'll see how long that lasts.
i keep neglecting to go to school.
i swear.

and i got another letter yesterday
and work is ehh..
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WEEZIE BABYYYYY [31 Aug 2006|01:17pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I got a dog.
She's a boxer
I named her Weezie.
Because she's the shit.
except that she pisses in my room
and pretty much everywhere else in the fricken house.
but she's real real cute.
like super cute
and she snores
so that's kinda weird.
but it's cool.
i love her lots and bunches.
she watches me get ready
and chases me down the hall
trying to bite my pantalones.
she's the best.

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[24 Aug 2006|12:19pm]
I'm in graphic design.
and i don't like it.
we have to do alot of typing work.
i thought it was going to be all fun and photoshop and dream weaver and such.
but it's not. it's all internet searching about being a graphic designer.
and i really can't stand that.
how gay.

my tummy hurt real real bad yesterday.
i was like ughhhhh
and my tummy was rarararrrrawrrr
it was bad.
but it's all better today :)

lauren and i have already gotten to talking about prom
how freakin exciting.
and we have agreed on SEPERATE ROOMS
good thing too.

i'm going to take this opportunity in boring graphic design
to update my neglected livejournal on a regular basis.
instead of these random intervals.
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[17 Aug 2006|05:29pm]
senior year is pretty much cool.
Third Period is absolutee loveeee. Government+Lauren+Sarah+Tiffany= ♥ ♥ ♥
i need to get a senior parking pass
my madre said i need to get a J O B.
exact words.
and Josh is the most adorable freshman.
poor little loner kid.
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[09 Aug 2006|02:48pm]
school is starting on tuesday.
i want to go
but like then again i don't.
summer's been fun, but i haven't really done much
until lately.

2nd: Film Acting// Erickson
3rd: American Gov//Harrison
4th: Writing 101//Hall
5th: Graphic Communications//Lawson
6th: Photo 1//Lawson
7th: Midvalley// Coach O

It's a tough academic schedule, i know.
ehh. senior year. the last thing that i'm focused on is school.
I think i'm going to drop down to like 4 or 5 classes.
but a job might help with that whole situation.

i feel achy.
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[24 Jul 2006|09:13am]
i just got back from Madera
it was okay-ish.
Kate showed, so I was alot less bored thanks to her.
wooo, ♥ My Prima Kate
i got my nails did and such
and super fatty bomb fatty icecream
mmm mexican icecream is the shit.
party friday at the "Rascon Compound"
party Saturday at the cabin.
Me and Kate went to a "Discotequa"
hell yeah. we sho did go clubbin in mexico.
we first got there with Little Pete(who is in no way little. Linebacker status. Fo Sho.) and Brandon. and like NO ONE was there.
it was gay. so They bought us Presidente and coke
and we started to get drunk. because we didn't want to dance to the mexican techno.
"Puedes poner algo rapido? ALGO DE REGGAETON!!!?"
haha Spanish Skillz
Then our cousins Scarface & Clepto (Nora & Mayra) got there.
and I now feel really bad about calling her Scarface cuz she's actually really nice.
anyway. Rompe. I made everyone dance
and then everyone in the whole club started dancing.
Mexican girls didn't like us
apparently there's no booty dancing in mexico.
but yeah. the guys liked dancing with us.
they put on corridos
and i learned to dance them
cuz pete is the coolest.
and that's it.
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i want you on my team. so does everybody else. [01 Jul 2006|11:07pm]
So the writing on my computer screen decided that it wanted to be all huge and what not.
it's annoying.
I'm moving back in with the madre.
living with my day day is actually not as fun as i thought it would be.
i don't know.
Like. I thought I wouldn't mind being alone alot
but I do.
and I miss my mama
and my nigga bro.
(nigga bro and nigga sis. it's a long story)
there's no food at mi padre's either.
that's not cool.
and and.
no one can ever hang out anymore
so there's really no point in having an empty house.

working at a call center is annoying.
people keep calling!!
you would think it would stop.
for like just a little while. but it doesn't.
but Marco and Noe are the most awesome guys ever.
because Noe found me when i was lost in the break room.
and Marco and I have paper ball fights all day long.
and make faces at each other.
it's good times.

in other news.
RIP Nose Ring
I hardly knew thee.
but that's okay.

andddd Gabriel's going back to trial for his cumpleano
yeah. i hope he doesn't get any longer then what he has already.
but he might get out.

enough rambling.
I am dark.
from Sun Splash Water Park.
The End.
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I've kissed 42 ways [01 Jul 2006|11:05pm]
Besame MuchoCollapse )
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[21 Jun 2006|10:54pm]
I am never eating pot brownies EVER again.

that is all.
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[19 Jun 2006|10:51pm]
my dad keeps feeding me mass amounts of steak.
it's gettin weird.
i do like meat though....
I feel like hot tubbin it up with mis chicas.
fo sho
that would be the shit.

we finally went on the phones today
it was cool
ghetto people make me laugh
like no other.

no letter this week yet.
that's okay.
no big deal.

ugly bridesmaid dresses are gay
i almost happy cried at cristina's wedding
for all the wrong reasons
and i almost punched that stupid sister in law in the face
no lie.
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[13 Jun 2006|10:36pm]
Soundtrack to your life: Go to your music list and put it on shuffle. Skip to the next song with each question.

Opening Credits: Kick Your Game//TLC

Waking Up Scene: You Already Know//Llyod Banks ft. 50 Cent & Young Buck

Car Driving Scene: ...But Home Is Nowhere//AFI

High School Flashback Scene: Dangerously In Love 2//Beyonce

Nostalgic Scene: Big Pimpin// Jay Z

Bitter, Angry Scene: Blinded In Chains//Avenged Sevenfold

Break-up Scene: I'll Be// Goo Goo Dolls

Regret Scene: Gasolina// Daddy Yankee

Nightclub/Bar Scene: Let's Go// Trick Daddy ft. Lil Jon & Twista

Fight/Action Scene: This Life I Lead// 2Pac

Lawn Mowing Scene: Nobody// Keith Sweat

Sad, breakdown scene: Obsession// Frankie J & Baby Bash

Death Scene: Get Low// Ying Yang Twins & Lil Jon & the East Side Boys

Funeral Scene: Dancin On A Pole// 3 6 Mafia

Mellow/Pot-smoking Scene: I'm Sorry// Fly Leaf

Dreaming About Someone Scene: Shake// Ying Yang Twins & Pitbull

Sex Scene: Fly Away// Lenny Kravitz

Contemplation Scene: Caught Up// Usher

Chase Scene: Soldier Side// System of a Down

Happy Love Scene: Hustler Musik// Lil Wayne

Happy Friend Scene: Champagne for my Real Friends, Real Pain for my Sham Friends// FallOut Boy

Closing Credits: Handle This// Sum 41
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the letter [09 Jun 2006|01:29am]
[ mood | awww ]

I got a letter today

and it's pretty much the most exciting thing that's happened in several days.
ahh seriously.
I decided to get the mail incase it rained
and i was looking through everything
bill. junk. crap. bills. OMFG WHAT?!
As I nearly faint and run in the house.
aww it's pretty much adorable.
I love getting letters.
and it only took like a week!
I had pretty much given up all hope.
He has nice boy handwriting
and he told me to stop speeding! hahah
and i'm extremely excited that he didn't write in gangsta speak.
cuz THAT would have gotten old fast!
I love it.
and DJ is the coolest "future step cousin"
haha. her words. not mine.

His middle name is Rene.
that's really cute.

I'd rather spend my time wasting time with you
Boy you make it so easy.
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[30 May 2006|11:56pm]
basically the cutest song ever.

Read more...Collapse )
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i was thissss old. [29 May 2006|10:56pm]
So how old were you really when u....

fell in love -16

lost someone close to you -7

drank alcohol - 13

got kissed - 14

had sex - 16

went to the hospital- 10

got your heart broken - haven't.

lost a pet - 5

got arrested - 12

smoked a cigarette- 13

broken a bone - never

got a job - 13

rode the city bus - 11

met someone famous - 15

dyed your hair - 11

got your own cell phone -13

had first boy/girl friend - 15

got a myspace - 15

snuck out of the house - uh uh 14

drove a car - 10

got your own digital camera - 15

First fight - uhhh like 6

how old are you now? 16
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[26 May 2006|12:08am]
schoolCollapse )
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MY TOES ARE OUT TO GET ME! [25 May 2006|10:15am]
Oh. Sad. The Seniors are gone, but.......
Hey Hey Hey
I'm what's happenin

Soo. that job interview went really really well.
and basically I have a new job.
Greyhound Call Center
People call me and I tell them what time their bus comes and how much it would be and the such.
$8.00/hr for sitting there and answering phones.
SOOO. If you're jobless. They're hiring.
Put my name as who referred you!
I'm pretty much excited for that.

My brother and Adam are talking to the telemarketers
and pretending to be mexican and not really speak english.
"Hold on, I get pen,
NANA! NANA! Bring me a pen!
And un papel too. you old bag
whack whack whack!
hahahaa. it was basically the funniest thing ever.
my brother is awesome-o
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[22 May 2006|09:30pm]
The font on my computer is unusually large. It's slightly frightening.
And I pretty much loveee all the monitor people at our school.
who else can say that they want to go to burger king and have the gates opened for them? Basically Audrey, Deja, and Me.

I'm super super excited for senior year.
We do whatever we want now. just think of how it's going to be next year.

My nose itches.
I have a job interview tomorrow at 2:10.
how freakin exciting.
I need a new job Car Everything
haha. not. that's emo-ish. howww fucking annoying.
Lindsey is pretty much the sweetest girl everrr.
I ♥ her.

uh uh. Ivan made my car pretty.
It's all clean and shiny and such.

and I need an adventure to go on this summer.
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[21 May 2006|09:03am]
so. saying bye to the seniors was probably the saddest thing ever.
Media is going to be so fucking quiet. I hate it.
Like. i don't know what i'm going to do in that class anymore. it's just weird.
even though we never did anything. Gabe & Cisco were probably the most random guys I've ever met.
Guitar won't be too bad, just media.

In other news. We are 3 days away from being seniors! omg WHAT?!
uhhh. that's really weird. I still remember my first day of freshman year. ahhh. omggg. i'm amazed by that.
it's going by fast.

SUMMER. holy fuck. Summer shall be fun. Dre and I plan on getting crunk everyday with Lauren. that's exciting. Work. Work. Crunk. Sleep. everyday.
hahahah. yay. although. something will be missing. Gabriel was synonomous with summer. so, now that I can't really see him it kind of sucks.
BUT AT LEAST I CAN TALK TO HIM. kind of. letters are better anyway.
butttt. it'll still be fun.

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