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the letter

I got a letter today

and it's pretty much the most exciting thing that's happened in several days.
ahh seriously.
I decided to get the mail incase it rained
and i was looking through everything
bill. junk. crap. bills. OMFG WHAT?!
As I nearly faint and run in the house.
aww it's pretty much adorable.
I love getting letters.
and it only took like a week!
I had pretty much given up all hope.
He has nice boy handwriting
and he told me to stop speeding! hahah
and i'm extremely excited that he didn't write in gangsta speak.
cuz THAT would have gotten old fast!
I love it.
and DJ is the coolest "future step cousin"
haha. her words. not mine.
His middle name is Rene.
that's really cute.

I'd rather spend my time wasting time with you
Boy you make it so easy.
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