La Vita Bella (im_pretending) wrote,
La Vita Bella

i want you on my team. so does everybody else.

So the writing on my computer screen decided that it wanted to be all huge and what not.
it's annoying.
I'm moving back in with the madre.
living with my day day is actually not as fun as i thought it would be.
i don't know.
Like. I thought I wouldn't mind being alone alot
but I do.
and I miss my mama
and my nigga bro.
(nigga bro and nigga sis. it's a long story)
there's no food at mi padre's either.
that's not cool.
and and.
no one can ever hang out anymore
so there's really no point in having an empty house.

working at a call center is annoying.
people keep calling!!
you would think it would stop.
for like just a little while. but it doesn't.
but Marco and Noe are the most awesome guys ever.
because Noe found me when i was lost in the break room.
and Marco and I have paper ball fights all day long.
and make faces at each other.
it's good times.

in other news.
RIP Nose Ring
I hardly knew thee.
but that's okay.

andddd Gabriel's going back to trial for his cumpleano
yeah. i hope he doesn't get any longer then what he has already.
but he might get out.

enough rambling.
I am dark.
from Sun Splash Water Park.
The End.
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